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Smile like you mean it,
That’s what they say.
But what if there’s no meaning to be found?
No reason to smile

It’s not always easy
To hold back the tears in your eyes.
Sometimes you’ve got to let yourself go.
Sometimes you’ve just gotta cry

Cry your heart out

They say smile cause they think you need it,
And try to wipe away your sorrow.
But it’s under your skin, you’ve gotta free it.
Let it out, let it flow and cry

Cry your heart out

Smile like you mean it,
But only when you can.
Smile when you truly feel it,
But until then just cry

Cry your heart out

Window Pain

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My heart is like a window pane,
It’s full of pain, it’s shattered.
You’re like the stone that crashed right through me,
Left the pieces scattered
All across the floor.
Nobody comes around this place anymore.
I’m left alone to gather dust,
But I suppose sometimes we all must
Have somebody come along and break our trust,
Just like a window pane…
My body’s like a window pane,
It’s full of pain, it’s shattered.
You’re like the stone that crashed into me,
Left me bruised and battered.
Lying on the floor,
I can’t even fall asleep anymore.
You fill my mind in every dream,
And your face is something I can’t bear to see.
So I stay awake wishing I wouldn’t breathe.
Cause I’m like a window pane…
My heart is like a window pane,
It’s full of pain, it’s shattered.
Yes, I am like a window pain,
I’m shattered.

Puzzle Pieces

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In the puzzle of life and relationships, things can become confusing and difficult quite easily. We are each our own separate piece and because this puzzle is much larger than any ordinary one, finding the piece that you connect with can be one of the hardest things to accomplish, and sometimes seem to be impossible. Pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and though some may seem to have nothing in common, we need to remember that every single one has a massive similarity – They are all a part of the same puzzle, and all equally valuable to completing the full picture.
I will compare finding a partner to finding two pieces that fit together perfectly. Firstly, of course, you need to start off with one piece and go on from there to finding the other. – This first piece is yourself.
You start off by facing a mountain of puzzle pieces, all mingled together.
Some buried far underneath others, and some facing down so that you are unable see what they truly are.
These are compared to those who go unnoticed by most eyes, those who are shy and uncomfortable with who they are, those who have their emotions hidden and have a blank and unreadable face, and those who have yet to discover who exactly they are, or want to become. Yet also, they can be those who have humility, and those with undiscovered talents and passion. The ones who have the highest ability, the most brilliant minds, the strongest wills, and the deeply affectionate hearts.
How can we know what lies beneath if we don’t dig deeper, or flip over the piece to reveal what isn’t being shown?
Other’s however, are sitting out on top or set apart from the rest with their faces turned up and their true colours showing.
These would be the popular, the confident, the leaders, and the certain. The courageous and brave, and the one’s with new ideas who are unafraid of sharing them with the world around them. Or on the flip side, the loud and angered, the stubborn and boastful, the arrogant and proud, and the dramatic attention seekers who would be better off buried at the base of the pile to be saved from the embarrassment of the attention they would be getting from where they seek it.
Already you may have started to feel overwhelmed and hopeless even though you haven’t yet begun. And understandably so, for you are being faced with what seems an endless row of piles containing endless choices leading to endless possibilities. Some good, and some bad.
It is easy though, to discern which pieces are most obviously not a match so that’s the best place to begin. From there you can start thinking of what does match and carry on your search with that information in mind.
– Assess yourself and decide what characteristics fit best with yours and which don’t.
Now you have an idea of what you’re looking for, meaning you’re standards have been set.
Now obviously in life you aren’t just going to go out in search of the right person, going through every one of them too see if they’re right for you, but you do need to keep your eyes open because you may find them at any time and any place. Most likely when you least expect it. Think of digging through that pile of pieces as living your life. You meet and see new people almost everyday. Some people find the piece they’re looking for sooner than others, it all depends on how far into that pile it is, and the speed in which you go through it. Don’t be discouraged if you happen to be going slower than others, you can’t rush love.
Sometimes you may think you’ve finally found the perfect piece and everything seems to fit. You feel so happy that you’ve found the right one, and a sense of reward that comes with that. Everything seems to be great, but then you realize there’s that one little point sticking out where it shouldn’t be, or that the edges don’t quite line up. This can be very frustrating to find in a puzzle, and in life terms, it can even be heartbreaking. Some people try to ignore that fact or just alter the shape of the piece a tiny bit attempting to make it fit, but the reality is, that it really doesn’t fit, and was never meant to be there. So you end up feeling hopeless again and want to give up.
At times you may feel like you’ve been searching for so long and that there actually isn’t anyone out there for you. This is like convincing yourself that you’ve lost a piece of the puzzle when you can’t seem to find it, but after going farther into the pile, you stumble across it and perhaps even feel somewhat embarrassed for ever thinking that at all. The important thing to do is have perseverance and not lose hope. If you tell yourself that you aren’t going to find what you’re looking for, you most likely won’t. The piece may be sitting right under your nose and you could very easily overlook it because you have in fact, stopped looking. Always keep your eyes open. Sometimes you may pass over the the right one quite a number of times before you notice that it’s what you’ve been searching for.
Now finally, finally, you’ve found the perfect piece.
The person who fits splendidly into your life, and whose personality compliment yours to the fullest.
Everything fits and belongs. You never want to remove the piece from its place for fear of losing it again, and you feel the greatest sense of accomplishment and happiness you’ve ever felt. You feel that for sure, this is who you were meant to be with from the very beginning and now tell yourself it was well worth all the trouble you went through to get where you are now.
Though this brings me to another thought,
most puzzle pieces fit together with more than one piece…
How exactly do we know which one of those that match is the one we’re looking for? Perhaps it could be that those were the possibilities of who we would love if we had found them first. Maybe those pieces are spread out on different parts of the world and if we had lived there than they would be the ones who we connected with? But then, if wherever we were we could find love, would that really be love at all?
Or maybe some of the pieces we could have matched with have already been linked together with someone else and are no longer an option. Or though it seems to be a disturbing thought, could it be possible that we have found every piece that fits and to choose the one we want, we then judge them by deciding which looks most attractive? In society today this could very well be true though it is shallow and harsh.
But that could also be far from the truth, and there may only be one certain piece that is truly meant to be yours. You just have to hope that it’s easy to know for sure. And pray, that together, you can play part in a beautiful picture.

Final Goodbye

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Beneath twilight skies
One tender caress

The clouds loom above
To witness our deaths

Mourning our parting
Tears gently rain

Disguising our own
As the atmosphere’s pain

This Is Where You Belong

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Come along
My Love
To this place

And joy,
A feast
After fasting.

A room
In which never
Our hands
Have to part.

Come live
In this home
In the depths
Of my heart.

I Really Love You

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The dictionary lies open on the floor,
I still can’t find the words that I’ve been searching for.
No definitions describe how I feel,
These emotions inside me are completely unreal.

Perhaps another language from a different place
Could supply me with the correct phrase?
Or maybe I will never have the slightest clue
As to what I’m trying to say, so this will have to do…

I really love you.
Yes, I really love you.

Though I know that you still understand,
From the look in our eyes and our held together hands,
That what I’m not speaking to you with my lips,
Is still being heard clearly when we kiss.

The joy that we have here is sacred, I know.
That’s why giving it a name would make it less magical.
So when we embrace and our hearts beat side by side,
I just want you to know, that’s what keeps me alive.

And I really love you.
yes I really love you.

The dictionary lies closed upon the floor,
I’ve finally found the words that I’ve been looking for.

I Feel Safe With You

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Like a blanket
In the winter,
You surround me
With your arms.

Kept warm,
And undercover,
Unexposed to
Any harm.

Secure and
So familiar,
Makes me feel
Just like a child.

With their blanket
In the winter,
Protected from
The wild.